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Surface Series by Batia Suter

Item #: BASU201
Published: Roma Publication160, 20011
Language: English
Soft Cover
B&W and color
ISBN: 9077459642
9x11¾", 240 pages
Edition: First edition
Condition: Used as new
#Photobooks #European Books #Black and White #Fine Art Books #Out of Print #color #First Edition #Archive Photography #Encyclopedia / Dictionary

Surface Series - created by Batia Suter between 2008 and 2011 - contains images and fragments from other books. The recurrent use of photographic images is a common denominator in the work of Suter. Since the 1990s she makes use of enlarged photographic images to cover entire walls of exhibition spaces, exploring trompe loeil effects and the relationship between the inside and outside of those spaces. In the same way she makes her books, like specific exhibitions on paper. With a text by Dieter Roelstraete. ISBN 978 90 77459 64 5 / Link:

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