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Sakiko NOMURA (About Love - Journey without Destination - Lingering Light) SIGNED

Publisher: Museum of Kyushu Sangyo University
Book Size186 × 130 mm
Pages192+96 pages
BindingSoftcover with slip case (SIGNED)
Publication Date 2017
LanguageEnglish, Japanes

Accompanying Sakiko Nomura’s exhibition of the same title at the Museum of Kyushu Sangyo University, the publication “Ai ni tsuite - ate no nai tabi - tatazumu hikari” (“About Love - Journey without Destination - Lingering Light”) consists of a book with photographs from three series (b/w and in color) and a collection of essays, critiques and literature (in Japanese).

The Kyushu Sangyo University exhibition showcases the works of former graduates.
Resultingly, exhibition and photobook serve as both an introduction to and a celebration of Sakiko Nomura’s sensuous photography, with photographs from representative series (including the recent ‘Lingering Light’) and texts by notable authors

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