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Sag einfach ja oder neon! (Just say yes or no!) by Katja Schwalenberg


Item #:Lubok101
Publisher: Lubok, Leipzig 2009.
Language: German
Soft Cover
four-color offset printing
ISBN 978-3-941601-01-7
30 pages, 29x29 cm
edition 500
#European Books #First Edition #Color #Artist Books #Fine Art Books #Exhibition Catalogues #Design

Artist book with 32 color original linocuts by Katja Schwalenberg.
Designed by Andrej Loll and Thomas Siemon.

30 colored linocuts - intensive areas of color and contrasts - animals, plants and figures. The original graphic artist book by Katja Schwalenberg on waiting with a large form, color and motif diversity. The imaginative portraits of almost childishly naive ease à la Picasso Leipzig illustrator and graphic bribe by the reduced forms and language of line.