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Bdp Newsprint Poster (Second Edition)


Item: BDP#101
Publisher: bookdummypress, New York 2015
Broadsheet Posters
13.25 X 22.5 Inches
Printed in New York
Second Edition (/1000)
Texts by Clive Phillpot
Condition: New
#posters #Exhibition Catalogues #Black and White #Art Practice and Theory

The poster started as a contribution to a book show at an art gallery, designed by Shiori Kawasaki & Victor Sira. Definitions according to Clive Phillpot’s "Booktrek". At first we printed 500 copies in 2014. As the poster proved to be very popular and we ran out of it, we decided to make a second version. The first version with the image of Yorishiro, a traditional Japanese Shinto shrine, and the second one with Ninomiya Kinjiro statue, a historic character that is a role model for young Japanese students.

Each package is made of 25 copies of the poster for only the costs
of postage.