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Paolo Gasparini La Calle 1964-2005

Publisher: Publisher: Common books/ Acacias, 2018
Design by Ricardo Baez & Dario Utreras.
Language: Spanish
Soft cover, risograph printing, Pictures: 41, 27,5 cm x 41cm
Edition: Second Edition, 100 copies

#Second Edition #Latin American Books #B&W #Fine Art Books #Exhibition Catalogues #Design

This beautifully designed limited edition gathers several series of photographs of latin american photographer Paolo Gasparini. Among them images from Para verte Major or America Latina,...The photobook is also composed of new and unpublished photographs by Gasparini.

Recognized as one of the great figures of Latin American photography, Paolo Gasparini has spent a large part of his life in Cuba and Venezuela. The author of Para verte mejor, América latina, a seminal book in Latin American photography, he captures in his most recent publication, Megalópolis, the fascinating horrors of three urban universes: São Paulo, Los Angeles, and Mexico City. Three of his books were included and praised in The Latin American Photobook by Horacio Fernández. Gasparini’s work is strongly rooted in the present, not so much by its topicality as by the connotative force of the images selected, which lay bare the timeless instant of the shutter release.

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