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Life Magazine September 3, 1951. Signed by Saul Leite

tem #: LIFEM #104
Cover - Gina Lollobrigida, one of Italy's fiery beauties.
Publisher: LIFE Magazine; Inc. September 3, 1951
Edition: First edition
Language: English
Condition: Use very good

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Speaking of Pictures: At what solemn ceremony are these solemn people?

"Saul Leiter, who is a Young New York free-lance photographer, spends a great deal of his time searching for incongruity. To him, the impeccably beautiful, seen in a certain way by the camera, can reveal startling ugliness, and the flatly ordinary will disclose an unexpected touch of the bizarre. One gray day while Leiter was walking along Fifth Avenue, he noticed a crowd of people clustered around the entrance of an enormous church. Impressed at one by the watchful impassivity of the bystanders outside and grave dignity of those who had witnessed the ceremony inside, he took the striking photographs witch are show non these pages. Leiter’s somber results suggest that the occasion he photographed was a funeral. It was a wedding."

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