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Le Voyage D'Orient by Le Corbusier (Charles-Edouard Jenneret)

em #: DD101
Publisher:Editions Forces Vives (1966))
Language: French
Soft Cover
173 pages pages, ills b&w, 16.75 x 16.5 cm
Edition: First Edition
Condition:used fine
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Le Corbusier, the brilliant architect of the twentieth century, always carried along a sketchbook, a kind of diary in which, observing the "grand tour" tradition and the "fads" of famous nineteenth-century travellers, he amassed observations, calculations, and drawings of works and designs, carefully jotting down his meetings, experiences, reflections. The notebooks forming the "Voyages d'Orient".

They follow the architect's 1911 travels to the Balkans, Istanbul, Prague, Bucharest, Greece, all the way to Italy, Brindisi, Naples, Rome, until they mysteriously break off in Florence. Orient here is the broad term that refers to the first classicism, and for Le Corbusier approaching antiquity meant coming into contact with the clearly defined forms of Greek temples, of Islamic Istanbul, of the Roman city, seeking the point where modernism and classicism meet.

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