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La Jetée ciné-roman by Chris Marker


Published: Zone Books, New York and MIT Press. 1996
Edition: First paperback edition
Soft cover
Language: French/English
258 pages, 19.30 X 7.30 inches
ISBN 10: 0942299671
Book Condition:Fine

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"This strange and poetic film, a fusion of science fiction, psychological fable and photomontage. . . creates its own conventions from scratch. It triumphantly succeeds where science fiction invariably fails." -- J. G. Ballard La Jetýe

The legendary science-fiction film about time and memory after a nuclear apocalypse, was released in 1964 and is considered by many critics to be among the greatest experimental films ever made. (It provided the basis for the recent Terry Gilliam film 12 Monkeys.) Chris Marker, who is the undisputed master of the film essay, composed this post-apocalyptic story almost entirely of black-and-white still photographs. The story concerns an experiment in recovering and changing the past through the action of memory, yet the film can be read as a poem dominated by a single moving image, which in its context becomes one of the supreme moments in the history of film. This Zone edition reproduces the film's original images along with the script in both English and French. Designed by Bruce Mau.