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Journey by MaryLynne Wrye


Item: #MAWR101
+Kris Graves Projects, New York 2014
Edition: First Edition (/250)
Language: English
48 pages, 7 x 8.5 inches
ISBN: 9780988418325
Book Condition: New
#Photobooks #First Edition #B&W #Middle Eastern Books #Poetry #Fine Art Books

[publisher's description]
The creative act of the explorer involves recognition, seeing via what we have already seen. Poet Denise Levertov says organic poetry, “is a method of apperception, i.e., of recognizing what we perceive.... Such a poetry is exploratory.”

MaryLynne Wrye's Journey is the poetic and photographic document of a trip that became a journey, both into memory and into mystery. This is an allegory for every journey, a practice of recognition, but also a witness to the transformation that must result. Every explorer must return changed.