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I slowly watched him disappear by Jason Hanasik


Item: #JAHA01
+Kris Graves Projects, New York 2014
Edition: First Edition (/500)
Language: English
84 pages, 10 x 8.5 inches
ISBN: 9780988418332
Book Condition: New
#Photobooks #First Edition #Color #North American Books #Documentary Photography

[publisher's description]
Jason Hanasik’s project, "I slowly watched him disappear" is the first part of a three part examination of the military body/masculinity. This first part focuses on the fantasy of the military body/masculinity seen through the eyes of Sharrod, a NJROTC recruit attending a high school in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. Shot over the course of four years, Hanasik’s project examines the concerns of Sharrod as he navigates his freshman to senior year under the watchful (and sculpting) eye of the military machine. Afterward - Aaron Belkin Book Design - Daniel Salemi