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HOTARU (FIREFLY) by Yoshio Mizoguchi (signed)

Item #: YOMI101
Published: Sokyu-sha, Tokyo 2013
Language: Japanese
Hard Cover
121 b/w reproductions
126 pages, 30.6 x 23 cm
Edition: First Edition 1200 copies.
Condition: New, Signed
#Japanese Books #Photobooks #First Edition #Signed #Black and White
#Documentary Photography

When summer arrived, I picked firefly grass (Asiatic dayflowers), gathered withered rapeseed branches to craft a firefly-catching broom, and chased fireflies flitting in the night sky. Hooting as I galumphed down the night path, Come, Come , Firefly come! I would always be alone when I was out hunting fireflies. Countless fireflies hovered above the river.

When you pursued them they were quick to flee , and if you managed to capture one, you scrutinize them and see that they are not as beautiful as all that, and they'd sometimes even leave behind a smelly odor.

At some point in my life I had come to think of women as being comparable to fireflies. Fireflies disappear from view, and I realized also how the unfathomable presence we call women also run and leap in droves.

Then the sweet nectar of my youth was gone,I took a camera as my new firefly broom, and descided I would capture new fireflies. It is 35 years now since I began shooting fireflies. I hoped to convey that passion and subtle sensuality women possess. And I am grateful to those people who allowed me to photograph them.

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