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Hadaka no Heya by SAKIKO NOMURA

tem #: SANO#102
Published by Aat Room 1994
Language: Japanese
10 x 14 inches 32 pages
Edition: First Edition
Condition: Used
#Japanese Books #Photobooks #First Edition #b&w
#Documentary Photography


Sakiko Nomura's first book, an oversize softcover featuring a series of black and white images of male models in various states of undress and activity (some of the images shown later in her book Nude, A Room, Flowers).

Sakiko Nomura (1967), who was the former assistant of Noboyushi Araki. She’s mainly known for taking the male nude as her subject (see for instance Hadaka no Heya (1994, Aat Room) and Hadaka no Jikan (1997, Heibonsha)

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