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Guest Room by Natalie Beall


Item #: NABE101
Published: New York, 2013
Design by Pierre Le Hors
Printed and bound by Conveyor
7.5 x 5.25 x .5 inches
98 pages
perfect bound soft cover with dust jacket
black and white digital prints
hand-numbered edition of 100
all images sourced from the Library of Congress
Condition: New
#Artist Books #Photobooks #Fine Art Books #North American Books #Black and White #First Edition #Fine Art Books #Archive Photography

"This book stems from my fascination with interior spaces and objects which in turn are sources of inspiration for my abstract sculptures. After moving into a house with a mysterious spare room, I began to think about the arranged emptiness of guest rooms. My searches online led to a trove of mid-century guest room photographs on the Library of Congress. The dot pattern on the photographs, achieved through scanning the low-resolution images, abstracts the rooms, turning the furniture and architecture into floating forms." (