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gazetteer by Taiji Matsue

Item #: TAMA101
Published: 2005, Daiwa Radiator Factory, Japan
Language: English/Japanese
Soft Cover
ISBN#: 4-9901842-6-2
109 pages, 8inch x 7inch
Edition: First Edition
Condition: As new. with bellyband
#Photobooks #First Edition #Japanese Books #Out of Print #Black and White #Documentary Photography

Aerial landscape work by Taiji Matsue. Matsue photographed around the world such as Texas desert, Altiplano plateau, cliff in the Alps, the jungles of Malaysia and more. The landscapes are shot only when the sun hits the highest point of the day.

gazetteerは英語で 「地名辞典」を意味する。この本は松江泰治がテキサスの砂漠やアルティプラノ高原、アルプスの断崖、マレーシアの密林など、世界中を巡って一日の中で太陽が最も高く昇った時に撮ったランドスケープを所収している。

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