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Dejaste Atrás lo Lejano [You Left Behind What is Distant] by Christian Belpaire

Item #: CHBE101
Published: Fundación Neumann, Caracas, Venezuela1985
Edition: First edition
Language: Spanish
ISBN#: -
113pages(including 2 gatefolds) 10.5 x 11.5 inches
Condition: Book/Dust jacket Very good. Some spots on the pages.
#Photobooks #First edition #Latin American Books #Color #Documentary Photography #Out of Print

These photographs, taken by a Belgium photographer Christian Belpaire, are of the Yanomami Indians who live in the Amazon Rainforest along the border between Venezuela and Brazil. The design and typography were recognized at the Exposicion Internacional del arte del libro, 1989. It was also selected for the ‘Venezuela en Leipzig’ exhibition of graphic design at the Sala Trasnocho Arte Contacto, Caracas in 2007, and an exhibition of Venezuelan Photo Books and Catalogues at the International Center of Photography, New York in 2010.

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