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"Collected Works" by Eric Doeringer (Signed)


Item #:ERDO101
Publisher: Copycat Publications 2014
Perfect bound softcover book
8.5 x 11" 66 pages
Language: English
Edition:First Edition
Condition: New
#North American Books #Black and White #First Edition #Artist Books #Archive Photography #New York #Signed

-Artist's description-
"Collected Works" compiles eight of my books into one convenient volume. The books are combined together, so that page one of "Collected Works" is a "sandwich" of the first page of all eight books, page two contains the second page of each book, page three the third page, etc. "Collected Works" reproduces "Squares With Sides And Corners Torn Off", "Some Los Angeles Apartments", "Real Estate Opportunities", "The Location of Lines", and "Records" in their entirety, plus excerpts from "60 Years Later", "Arcs Circles & Grids", and "The Xeroxed Book"