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Birds on the Heads / Bodies in the Dark by Munemasa Takahashi

Item #: MUTA#101
Published by VERO 2016
Language: Japanese
190×148mm 36page (2 books) | saddle-stiched, coming in bubble-wrap envelope
Edition: First Edition
Condition: New
#Japanese Books #Photobooks #First Edition #Color
#Documentary Photography


Munemasa Takahashi has been thinking about the role of photography in this world since he started his career. Takahashi did not express his own story in his first work “Skyfish”, and had focused his theme on the structure of the relationship between the images and the viewers without any extra information or explanation.

This time, Takahashi would like to present a set of two series: Birds on the Heads and Bodies in the Dark. As he mentions in his statement, each of the series represents what seem to be understandable and what seem to be not understandable, respectively.


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