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Avedon/Baldwin Nothing Personal by Richard Avedon


Item #: RIAV101
Published: 1964
Dell Publishing
Edition: First edition
ISBN#: -
92 pages
14½ x 10½ inches

Condition: Very good. Some age staining and scratches on the box case. Small torn on the top spine and first couple of pages are a little bit loose, otherwise the book is in a good condition.
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#Documentary Photography

In 1964, Richard Avedon published “Nothing Personal,” a lavish coffee table book with gravure-printed portraits of individuals who do not fit into any single classification: Allen Ginsberg standing naked in a Buddhist pose opposite George Lincoln Rockwell, the founder of the American Nazi Party; the puffy-eyed Dorothy Parker, her bags containing a lifetime of tears, side by side with a sullen and deflated, if still-shimmering, Marilyn Monroe; a young and earnest Julian Bond among members of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee; and the grizzled William Casby, who had been born into slavery about 100 years earlier.

“Nothing Personal” was published only months after the passage of the Civil Rights Act, in the period of profound cultural soul-searching following President Kennedy’s assassination. Despite Avedon’s glamorous reputation, it was his social conscience — revealed in the range of photographs in this book — that may be the surprise that deepens his enduring legacy. -New York Times