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Alexander Calder by Alexander Text by James Johnson Sweeney (1943)

Item #: ALCA101
Text by James Johnson Sweeney
Published: The Museum of Modern Art, 1943; First Edition edition (1943)
Language: English
pages:, inches
Edition: First Edition
Condition: Used

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First edition of the catalog for the 1943 Calder exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, written by James Johnson Sweeney. Mr. Sweeney, a writer on modern art, actually was a curator at MOMA and the director of the exhibition. Sweeney later expanded the catalog to a monograph on Calder, published in 1951. (This information drawn from the Calder Foundation website.)

Catalog lists 98 works of Calder’s art for the exhibition; also includes a brief chronology, a bibliography, a list of Calder works in museums, and a list of prior exhibitions. Also included are 56 black and white photographs of the works in the exhibition, including jewelry, mobiles and sculptures. The list of lenders to the exhibition reads like a who's who of the 1940's art world.

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