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Actions of Consequence by Lucy Helton

Item: #LUHE101
Self-publish, New York 2015
Edition: First edition (/50)
28pages, 16.5" high x 23" wide when open
This book comes with a 8 x10" print (signed).
Condition: New
#Artist Books #Fine Art Books #North American Books #European Books #B&W #New York #First Edition #Archive Photography

"Lucy Helton’s new book, Actions of Consequence, is so fabulous in its tactility. She’s a documentary photographer, a producer, a curator, hugely smart. She’s done a range of curatorial projects. And this book is reflective of a sense of typography of the world. But it’s done through both found photographs and her own photographs. It almost feels like some of those ranger and lunar space photographs that were sent back from various missions. It’s a very tactile book. It’s a different form of imaging and book-making that only the technology and the aesthetic can afford today." -Phillip Block

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