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Act of Faith: A Soldier’s Manda by Brian Paumier


Item #: BRPA101
Published: Friends of ICP Library artist book 2014
Designer Javas Lehn
Printing and binding: Meridien Printing
Softcover (comes in a decorated wooden box)
9 x 11 inches, 84 pages
Edition: 22/35
Condition: New
#Photobooks #First Edition #North American Books #Color #Exhibition Catalogues #Artist Books

Brian Paumier worked in cooperation with designer Javas Lehn and art book production guru Sue Medlicott. The handmade wooden cases [made to be cuadros] for the books were produced in Mexico , and the printing and binding was done at Meridien Printing in Rhode Island.

Brian Paumier writes about the book, “Act of Faith started with two stickers, one being in the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe and the other a combat infantry badge. When these 2 stickers were combined they created the perfect image that described my experiences in Iraq. This ready-made quality is a huge part of my work. Incorporating found elements to my book design will give each edition a life of its own. Also, I want to present a box of essentials from my thesis book, show and video. These three elements are essential to ACT OF FAITH.”

Act of Faith builds upon artist Brian Paumier’s memorable 2010 ICP/Bard MFA thesis and solo exhibition, and will include a DVD of his film, as well as arresting images of found elements and a meditation on war, masculinity, and a promise. His concept for this Friends Edition is to customize each special edition copy with found elements that relate to the project’s themes and content. The enclosure of the edition is an extraordinary decorated wooden box in the form of a hand-crafted cuadro with a distinct photographic image in the lid. The 9 x 11 in. perfect bound book is 84 pages, including 3 gatefolds, and includes a DVD.

The Edition is a thank you gift for the support of the Friends of the Library, who make it possible for the ICP Library to provide informational and inspirational resources for artists and scholars from throughout the world. The Friends of the ICP Library Edition was conceived to be a product of the creative frisson that happens in the library for artists and those who are studying their work. For more information about Friends of the ICP Library, please contact Veronica Bainbridge